Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.friendshopbd.com.

The terms of the product order

A) Order your order by contacting the admin before ordering the product on our site

B) Must have to make payments through the development and rocket before the order of the product and carefully fill the order form.

C) If your payment number and transaction ID are incorrect for payment payment, then the authority is not responsible.

D) You must fill in the form with the right information during the order of the order

Delivery Terms

A) The delivery time limit is 48 to 72 hours

B) If you do not have your purchased product in the said period contact the administrators

C) Delivery time of delivery due to political reasons, disastrous weather and road accident can be overcome.

Statement and warranty

No statement on the quality and sales utility of particular products sold by third parties and especially warranty policies is usually not published on the site. We do not directly or indirectly support any such purchase or sale of such products on the site. So obviously, the loss of these products is not acceptable.

Neither the responsibility of violating any kind of agreement between you and the third party cellar is also unacceptable. We can not even provide an official guarantee of any transactions on the site. In such a situation, we are not obliged to resolve any issues related to canceling your contract with such a transaction.

Friend Snake BD never reserves the right to buy and sell your products through third party cellar. In addition, you are not responsible for any contract with the seller, but the friend is not included in the SPD. Therefore, we are not responsible for order-related errors, inadequate product, delayed delivery, loss of products and service errors and dissatisfaction.

If any wrong information about the price or product of the product is found on the Friend SOP BD site, due to technical error, print error or any other reason, your order may be canceled by the respective vendor or friend snap BD authority without prior notice. In the case of such order, your advance payment will be refunded according to the friend ref paid policy of the friend.